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Active Denial From Very Hot to Suddenly Not

Air Force Research Laboratory scientists at Kirtland Air Force Base are developing a non-lethal way to keep U.S. forces and interests safe. Called Active Denial, the technology emits a harmless invisible energy wave that tricks the body into feeling extreme heat.

Move away and the pain is gone, no damage done.

“It is very similar to if you were to reach out and touch a hot stove, and you were to jerk your hand back almost before you even think about it,” explains David Williams, a lab mathematician at New Mexico base. “It's an instinct.”

The electromagnetic spectrum
Millimeter waves
Eltromagnetic Spectrum
Millimeter waves
Air Force

Air Force
About this Webisode
Welcome to LAB TV. We have 2 seasons of Webisodes. There are new episodes each week that demonstrate the amazing research that is everyday work at DoD labs.
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