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Four Primary Programs Nourish Science and Engineering Careers
National Defense Education Program’s purpose is to foster a new generation of scientists, mathematicians, engineers and technologists who will one day discover and problem solve in the nation’s defense laboratories. With nearly 13,000 scientists and engineers expected to retire during the next decade, this national security effort is aimed a preserving American core competence in critical disciplines and maintaining U.S. technological superiority into the future.
Working Together to Develop New Ways to Teach Math and Science

NDEP's Pre-Engineering Programs tap into educational innovation. NDEP has cast a nationwide net in a search for some of the best and most innovative K-12 science and engineering education initiatives in the country. Whether we partner with an established effort rooted in the creativity and energy of a single Department of Defense lab, a long-running high school summer research institute sponsored by the...
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"I want to spread the word farther about what National Defense Education Partnership is all about," says Bob McGahern, Director of the NDEP program. "We are leveraging some of the innovative work others are doing and making these important and innovative contributions available to a larger pool of school children. PEP allows us to greatly extend our reach and to try out new concepts. Some of the more promising concepts will be brought into the classroom as STEM Learning Modules (SLM)." PEP Fast Facts
  • Leverages advances that have worked elsewhere.
  • Screens for programs that can capture and hold a young person’s interest.
  • Partnership with defense entities and non governmental organizations.
  • A foundation for exploring defense-related academic and employment options.
  • Serves grades kindergarten through 12th. 
  • Relies on partnerships among defense laboratories, school systems and other organizations that have an interest in curriculum enhancement in the STEM disciplines.
PEP Links SLM Fast Facts
  • Primarily classroom centered.
  • Bringing the professionals into personal contact with students and teachers.
  • Making math and science cool.
  • STEM Learning Modules serve 24-32 students.
  • Inquiry-based learning with no predetermined right or wrong decisions.
  • Teachers outside of NDEP programs may be able to purchase modules. For more information contact Bob Stiegler at robert.stiegler@navy.mil.
  • If you're a teacher and interested in participating in a training, please email info@ndep.us.
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